Have you considered Leasing?

Running large operations, capital expenditure and cash-flow management is often quite a headache.
With Tank storage equipment costs ranging from hundreds, to tens of thousands of pounds (should a total replacement programme be necessary), one way to mitigate and manage this is the use of a leasing programme.

Assentech are pleased to announce that they are able to offer leasing options to give further choice and help with budgetary planning (subject to status).

Case Study
The following example is a large vent with special settings which had to be replaced due to damage, thus causing the challenge of an unexpected capital outlay to our customer:

Loading arms safety valves IFRs leasing


As you can see, the initial outlay and monthly payments are very manageable under this scheme.


Benefits of Asset Finance


  • Finances total cost of the equipment
  • Another way of borrowing money
  • Spreads the cost
  • Safeguards against future rises in interest rates
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Leasing is tax efficient


  • Keeps cash flow intact
  • Leaves existing borrowing lines intact
  • Pays for the equipment out of future income
  • Budgeting can be precise
  • Asset finance cannot be withdrawn like an overdraft facility
  • A better return on investment