Stop Reacting And Start Preventing

The significance of emission control has attained great prominence and a number of companies are determined to achieve ISO 14001. Both The Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency are emphasising on the review of practices companies, which operate under the Pressure Equipment Directive, follow to maintain their years’ old plants for critical applications. This is also identified as SAFed IMG1, set out in EEMUA 231, which requires that an independent and proficient third party review tank vent maintenance in critical safety applications.

We have established the most effective tank vent management philosophy based on all of our 20 years of knowledge and experience of providing global breather vent services. Assentech Rapid Response and Service Ltd is the right arm of Assentech and an independent organisation to provide breather vent calibration and testing. We can support our clients to develop effective methods to ensure full compliance. We work closely with our clients to devise an appropriate maintenance routine as per the application requirements.

The Control of Emissions to the atmosphere and more importantly, the safety of personnel and surrounding area is something that we take extremely seriously at Assentech when supporting our clients. We have experienced engineers on board to perform site audits across a range of safety and storage tank equipment. We usually offer a free of cost initial evaluation to help our valued clients recognise safety risks and required actions to assure compliance, resourcefulness, and cost efficiency in the long run.

Along with scheduled formal inspections by an independent and proficient third party like Assentech Rapid Response and Service Ltd, it is also recommended that operation staff must also perform routine visual inspections to identify any visible corrosion or damage between the inspections. We can also provide guidance about the required regularity and detail for staff inspections.

Directives such as The Health and Safety at Work Act and others obligates that a plant and its equipment are maintained in a safe condition. It is mandatory to ensure that storage tanks always properly maintained. Only suitably qualified and authorised personnel must carry out inspection and maintenance. Assentech can support with the minimum skills matrices that validate the essential competency.

Even though breather vents are relatively simple devices; however, the modulation of the way they perform is more complicated. We offer a technical seminar or lunch and learn for a group of five and more.

At Assentech, we supply a broad range of services to the fluid process, transfer and storage industries.

We provide technical assistance, installation and maintenance for all of the products we offer, as well as for similar equipment from 3rd party manufacturers.