Storage Tank- Breather Valves, Flame Arresters, Emergency Relief Valves and Tank Blanketing Valves

Breather valves (vents) and pressure / vacuum relief devices are major emission control devices. Relief valves (vents) protect against damage from pressure or vacuum and reduce losses from product evaporation. Flame arresters (Deflagration Flame Arresters and  Detonation Flame Arresters) reduce the risk of damage or injury from fire. Cover equipment allows for movement and quality control of stored product in atmospheric tanks. Blanket gas regulators maintain a constant gas pressure inside the vapour space of a tank to protect against fire or evaporation.

Assentech  is the UK’s exclusive supplier for Groth Corporation.

Breather vent performance is all about keeping the tank closed to the environment for the widest pressure band permitted by the tank design limits. To this end the vent must seal as closely as possible to the set point and then when open must flow at the required capacity before exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure. This is where quality breather vents show their value but is not a widely publicised fact by any of the manufacturers.

The largest contributor to in-plant emissions is lack of maintenance of plant equipment. Regular monitoring and maintenance is imperative for detecting and controlling emissions and leaks.

Assentech service and maintain Breather Valves (vents) from all manufactures.



An efficient breather vent safely conserves vapours up to the maximum allowable working pressure of the tank. Many tanks have nitrogen blanketing, Any loss of nitrogen is expensive and savings are immediate if the vent is serviced and tested correctly.
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