Focusing on a sustainable future through preventative maintenance

With a growing customer base and heightened awareness on emissions and the environmental impact, we are all aware that not all maintenance companies follow the recommended testing regime as stipulated in API 2000. In particular, service companies avoid the most significant step of leakage testing which identifies under-performing tank venting equipment.

So next time you instruct a maintenance company to service your equipment, ask them how they leak test vents. Do they know the industry standard, ie, API2000, ISO28300 and EEMUA 231?

Poor sealing vents permit emissions of VOC’s that harm your workforce, neighbours and the environment. Avoid law suits, wasted media costs and site downtime by ensuring that you get your vents tested properly.

We are proud to be leading the way with breather vent testing and we are confident that our knowledge, comprehensive test regime and revolutionary calibration test equipment, makes us the first choice for maintenance work in the UK. We can work with you and keep the HSE on your side.

Storage tank Emission control breathe valves  API2000 ISO28300 EEMUA 231

Please come and visit us at the Tank Storage Association Exhibition(TSA)  Stand No 23  at Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 26th September. We can also show you a video demo of our test equipment.