Whats in a name?

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What name do you use for your storage tank-top valves? PVRV’s? Breather valves? Conservation vents? All the same, right?

We at Assentech prefer to use the name “Conservation Vent”. Why? Because the conservation of vapours is a key part of running an efficient and effective storage tank.

You wouldn’t fill a tank with premium product and leave the emergency hatch open, so why fit a vent that doesn’t seal effectively?

A storage tank should only let vapours out or air in during filling, emptying or normal breathing. At all other times it should be sealed. If it’s not, you’ll be letting moist air in compromising product quality and causing tank corrosion or loosing product vapour or blanketing gas.

Assentech are proud to be the UK distributor for Groth Corporation. Our Vents not only meet the sealing performance as laid down in API 2000, they exceed it by some margin. This means they are leak free for more of the time, conserving your product and your tank. Each vent is bench tested and certified for set point and seat leakage before it leaves the factory to ensure optimum performance.

Why settle for anything less??