Top Loading Arms – Scissor type C32RF and H32F

Scissor type top loading arm C32RF H32F is the most popular top loading arm used in many applications worldwide.

This versatile arm is designed specifically for top-loading installations where a variable operating range is required. The secondary arm rotates 360 degrees in the horizontal plane providing a spotting allowance of up to twice its length. Commonly used to handle high flow rates and withstand rough usage in tank truck loading applications.

The scissor type arm is also a good choice for railcar loading applications where cars are frequently mis-spotted.

Top Loading Arm C32RF and H32F features:

  • Ideal for applications where variable spotting of the vehicle is common.
  • Easy to handle, smooth loading operation.
  • All flanged construction for ease of maintenance (available in 3” and above)
  • Swivels equipped with grease nipple.
  • C32RF with inboard loading valve and remote control handle, H32F without valve
  • Available in 2” / dn50, 3” / dn80 or 4” / dn100 with ASA 150lbs RF or DIN PN10/16 inlet flange.
  • Inverted inlet swivel orientation, model C33RF or H33F, to assist self-draining capability available.
  • Adaptable to tight-fill or closed-system loading with optionally supplied swivels and couplers.
  • Alternative materials of construction Carbon Steel or 316/316L Stainless Steel.
  • Wide range of swivel seal material available.
  • Pre-balanced at the factory to minimise installation and commissioning time.


Top Loading Arm C32RF and H32F Accessories: