Case Study – How Groth Pilot operated vents minimised VOCs being released into the atmosphere

Pressure vacuum relief valves pilot operated


A chemical plant was utilising traditional relief valves for over pressure protection for VOC storage.  The conventional relief valve was venting to atmosphere before it was required to open and releasing volatile organic compounds into the air. The incorrect type of valves had been specified. A neighbourhood of many families within a few miles of this facility were quickly able to discern that there was a release, based on the odours coming from the plant, now occurring several times per day. The authorities were quickly contacted due to health concerns and this portion of the facility was shut down until the releases were corrected.

Source: Groth “Oil & Gas -Pressure Relief & Pressure Activation Brochure”


After consulting with the Groth Corporation technical team, the 1660A Pilot Operated Pressure /Vacuum Relief Valve with snap action was the only logical selection, especially when zero leakage until set point is required. The 1660A meets seat tightness requirements of environmental regulations, even when the operating pressure is close to the set pressure of the relief valve.



After replacing all the existing relief valves with the Groth 1660A Pilot Operating Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, there was complete elimination of any premature leakage of these valves.
The plant was able to resume activities and the nearby residents were again safe

In petrochemical, Chemical and refinery operations, protection from fugitive emissions are a primary concerns. Groth pressure safety products protect refineries and petrochemical tank facilities around the globe. Groth are without doubt the premier manufacture of tank venting equipment and we are delighted to be working with them.

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